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Snow shoes outings

A short tour on snowshoes to explore the mountain landscapes.


Plateau de Solaison

The Solaison plateau is a great place to explore with snowshoes.

1 marked and groomed pedestrian itinerary is reserved for snowshoe users. You also have the choice of several walks starting out from the plateau, but they are unmarked and therefore reserved for experienced snowshoe users or you can call upon the services of a professional guide who will choose the best level for you, according to your level of experience and your ability to map read in the mountains.  Please watch out for any wildlife, which is especially vulnerable in the winter months.  A qualified mountain guide can provide you with lots of information about the local fauna and flora of the area as well as about the area’s heritage.


Plateau des Glières

The Glières plateau is surrounded by mountain peaks that are between 1800 m and 2000 m high, offering a magical setting for snowshoe users or walkers within an unspoilt natural environment.  17 km of safe, marked trails are available… if you want to go off piste, then make sure you have a guide with you.


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Raquette Monument - photo - @OTFG
Le Petit-Bornand-les-Glières
Do you fancy a short, easy walk in the snow, in your boots or with snow-shoes? We suggest the Boucle des Frêts! On the Plateau des Glières.
Raquette - Photo - @Arvimédia
Le Petit-Bornand-les-Glières
Pleasant itinerary from where you can enjoy the mountain scenery.
Quebelette, Tête Noir and the Plaine de Dran.
Raquette - Photo raquette - @Arvimédia
Le Petit-Bornand-les-Glières
Do you fancy a very easy snow-shoe outing with members of your family, your other half or your friends and do you also want to enjoy a beautiful, protected environment? Come and discover the 17 km of pedestrian trails located between plateau and forest.
Raquette plateau de solaison - photo - @OTFG
This easy snow-shoe outing is accessible to anyone over the age of 6 yrs. A lovely ramble in a valley that does not attract too many visitors and which, when the weather is good, will afford you fantastic views of the Arve Valley and the surrounding mountains from La Chare.